Linux Hardware

There is often supposition or guess-work whether particular hardware will work under Linux. Below is a list of hardware that I've successfully used under Linux with zero issues, all hardware functioning. Most of it is probably obsolete, but at least the information is out there.

In general, although Dell tends to flip-flop on their support for Linux, I've found that all of their hardware generally works well out of the box, and I've had very few hardware failures even years out of warranty. I've had good luck with IBM laptop, desktop, and server hardware as well, although I haven't used any of the more recent Lenovo equipment since the purchase. I was never particularly fond of HP equipment, and virtually all the computer equipment HP has produced since the Compaq purchase has been iffy in my experience, and their website(s) are rage-inducing trying to locate support and drivers.

I've recently (2014) built a new computer from scratch, the first in seven years (I've been primarily using laptops in the intervening time. You can read all about that experience including pictures of unboxing for all of the components here.

Individual Hardware Complete Systems: